Merriam-Webster defines Mediocrity as
  • “the quality of something that is not very good : the quality or state of being mediocre

  • : a person who does not have the special ability to do something well”

    It also defines Mediocre as

  • “not very good.”


I have always described myself as an average person, yes my mother will faint if I said that to her, but it is true.

I have never thought of myself being capable of greatness.

I have always been happy living my life of mediocrity.

When I first starting writing, at the age of 10, I wasn’t confident enough to show it off, well even tell anyone.

It wasn’t until I found a website that allowed you to wrote stuff and post it for free, for all the majority of its users to read that I realized maybe mediocrity isn’t so bad.

As a person ,I’m still not  confident about what I write, but 5 years ago, when I first started posting my storied for people to read, that’s when I realized maybe I wasn’t so bad. When the comments and votes started flooding in, I realized maybe I’m halfway decent too!

To this day nothing makes me happier than reading comments about how someone loved what I wrote, or how they wish for more.

I hope everyone out there who thinks their talents are mediocre finds someone who appreciates them and their talents. I hope people realize that everyone is trying their level best to be better, in their own small way.

I hope that for all you mediocre people. Don’t stop believing in yourself!

If you can spin amazing stories in your head but can’t do them justice when you write them down,DO NOT GIVE UP.

If you can never fully complete a drawing,stop,take a break or restart,but DO NOT GIVE UP.

It’s okay to be mediocre okay?

You keep working hard,you’ll be great one day.


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