Have A Heart

‘No silly!’Her mellifluous voice rang out clearly through the meadow, and he shook his head. A rueful smile made its way to his lips as he looked at her.

The wind making waves from her bright red hair, her green eyes twinkling almost the same colour as the leaves of the tree she stood by and a serene expression on her face, Jace was reminded again, how he fell in love with her so easily.

It wasn’t because she was beautiful; she was easily the most beautiful girl he had ever met.

It was because she fixed him, piece by piece, made him a new person.

The old Jace, the Jace who didn’t look at people as a living being. He looked at them like a mean to his own success, a prop, a ladder; he looked at people like they were meant to exist only to help him.

The old Jace who didn’t think twice about hurting people for his own betterment, who treated his family like pariahs and the old Jace, who didn’t know the meaning of love and longing.

She taught him that.

She came into his life, turned it upside down and forced him to open his eyes. To look around. To look at people for what they are. To respect. To feel.

He couldn’t let someone like that leave, his chest felt heavy at the thought, a strange hole in his stomach.

He couldn’t let Rhea leave.

She fixed him, he should fix her too.

“Jace open your eyes” a raspy voice said.

Jace didn’t want to.

He wanted to be stuck in the meadow forever.

Forever stuck in the meadow with the only girl he loved.

Away from reality.

From the heartbreak and pain

And the years he’ll have to live without her.

“Jace” Her voice sounded hollow now, unlike the mellifluous one in his meadow.

He opened his eyes to look at Rhea, pale and cold, lying in a hospital bed with a green gown on.

Her green eyes, always so bright lacked their lustre, replaced by a strange hollowness.

Her life, as she knew it was over.

The doctors said it was only a matter of time till her heart stopped.

Oh that treacherous heart.

Rhea Mrain had a hole in her heart. Had Jace found out sooner, he would have done everything in his power to fix her heart, to fix her. But he didn’t, He couldn’t. If he knew one thing about Rhea, it was that she didn’t let anyone suffer for her. She lived to make people happy.

But now as he gazed back into her eyes, he understood why she lived her life so carefree. The habit that irked him in the start, Rhea living everyday like it was her last, not caring about tomorrow or the problems it would bring.

He still hated it living without a plan.

But he loved her more.

“Rhea Mrain”Jace said, his voice steady, “Let me fix you.”

Rhea shook her head slightly, her smile sad.

He wanted Rhea to survive, he needed Rhea to survive.

Rhea had refused a transplant, but he knew she wanted one.

He knew she wanted to live.

“You’re getting a new heart”, He said, his left hand grabbing her right.

“Jace no!”Rhea gasped.

“Rhea you always said someone else might need it more”

“Yes I did” She said, trying to nod, but failed.

“I do, I need you to have the transplant, your mother does” His voice broke.

“You’ll live” She said.

“Jean, Rocky, Nina, Jacob, Robbie, Angston”Jace named all the kids from her orphanage, “Kim, Ronald, Francesca, Nick and Pauline?”

Rhea choked back a sob, nodding.

“It’s too late Jace” Rhea said.

“It’s never too late” He said, determined he left her room to find the doctor.






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