Adventures of Cheesecake and Cookie #1

“Do you think we should open a food blog or something?” Cookie said with her mouth full of food.
Cheesecake shrugged, his concentration solely on the pasta sauce he was making,”Maybe” he muttered,”But I don’t feel like wasting so much money.”
Cookie pouted,she loves eating, one might even call her a foodie if you forgo the amount of stuff she’s picky about,nevertheless she always thought she’ll be a great food critic.
“You’re there again aren’t you?” Cheesecake asked,his gaze now on her dreamy face,he recognized that look,the way she perks up when she looks at food has always made him jealous. It was an inside joke between them,the fact that she loves food more than she loves him and that cheeky witch has never denied it.
Cookie sighed,she hopped off the bar stool and hopped toward Cheesecake,wrapping her hands around his torso from behind,inhaling his smell of smoke and mint,”Say you’ll consider it?”
He shrugged again,”I really want to save to buy something else ”
“Something else what?” Cookie asked,her hand slowly inching towards the pot of boiling sauce only to have her hand being hit away.
“Told you to have patience!” Cheesecake mock yelled at her,unwrapping her arms from around him,”Go wait!”
“But I’m hungry!” Cookie whined.
“You’re always hungry!” Cheesecake countered, only to have Cookie blow him a raspberry, he laughed.
She might love food more than she loves him,but he loved her more than football and that in his book was the highest rank.
“Tell you what” cheesecake started, his face brightening up.
“Hm?” Cookie asked,looking at him skeptically,the last time his face brightened up that way he wanted to go get a tattoo of an intestine on his face,albeit it was the pot talking, but she was skeptical nonetheless.
“I think I have an idea” Cheesecake continued.
“I’m all ears”
“You’re a foodie, and I’m a cook” He said,his stirring spoon pointed at her,dripping delicious red sauce on the kitchen floor.
“Go on” Cookie said,her eyes still trained on the spoon.
“Instead of going out for food,I’ll cook the food for you!” The way he said it you would’ve thought he invented a way to put toothpaste back into its tube.

“So like a home made food blog?” Cookie said,her face slowing brightening,”Did I ever tell you you’re the best?”
“You don’t need to” Cheesecake said shrugging arrogantly, only to have Cookie smash into him with a hug.


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