Adventures of Cheesecake and Cookie #2

Cheesecake frowned, his brows knotting as he looked at Cookie’s horde of clothes . Where was he going to find his hoodie in this mess?
Cookie had cultivated this habit of taking over his hoodies as soon as she knew they existed,’It smells like you!’ ‘It’s so large and comfy!’ She would say,like those were natural reasons. Well they were to Cookie, who has basically lived in one of his hoodies this semester.
He sighed,giving up, he just started to put the entire cloth mountain back into her cupboard regretting the fact that he was going to wake her up.
You dont mess with Cookie when she’s asleep,she like a Spartan on warpath then. He had scratches to prove it.
He tip toed around the bed, stopping just to glance at her sleeping face,her hair In a messy braid, some wisps on her face,her lips slightly parted there was a very very small amount of dried drool on her face but on her it looked cute, it reminded him how ordinarily unusual she was. Even the simplest of simple things made her seem astounding and even though she’ll always deny it,to him she was the most beautiful person on this planet,inside out.
“Cookie” he whispered, his voice strangely hoarse, his fingers worked on removing the hair from her sleeping face.
She moaned in her sleep, her eyes fluttering and moving under her eyelids,it made Cheesecake smile.
“Babe I need my jackets to pack” he whispered,his hands massaging her back. She moaned again,making a small ‘hmm’ noise that didn’t quite seem like one. He sighed. “That’s enough Cookie wake up my flight is in 3 hours!” He said in her normal voice now.
He was promptly thrown off the bed.
“Dont go” came a small murmur, her voice croaky and sleep coated.
Cheesecake got up slowly,resuming his position near her,his hands now poised to tickle her.
“Last chance Cooks” he said.
She remained asleep.
And then his attack started.
She screamed bloody murder,kicking and punching him to make it stop. He laughed and so did she,but while his laugh was full of mirth her wasn’t.
It was forced and he was loving it, he didn’t stop nor did she kicking him until her foot reached where it shouldn’t have and he went down with a hit to his most precious area.
His hands cupped his poor soldier now beaten in war. While Cookie now awake looked at him with horror in her eyes,her hands covering her mouth.
“You really don’t want me to have children do you?” Cheesecake said his voice only slightly troubled.
“I’m sorry” she said, her voice distressed.
“Its okay” he said making an effort to get up, his body language still looked a bit off but he managed.
Cookie’s guilt spurred her into action,she got off the bed and silently walked to her closet, yanking off all the clothes till she reached into the depths of her cupboards and she gloriously yanked out his grey Abercrombie hoodie.
She neatly folded it and and went to open his already full bag.
“If me getting hurt was all it took to spur you into action,” Cheesecake started,looking at Cookie looking somber.
He smiled taking her in his arms,”I’m sorry for waking you up.”
Cookie shook her head,”I’m sorry I hogged all your hoodies”
He laughed,”You know I wouldn’t ask for them unless I really needed them right? ”
She nodded,her head still firmly pressed to his chest and he knew she was listening to his heart beat 1000 miles per minute.
He smiled tightening his hold on her.
“Be safe okay?” Cookie’s muffled voice said.
“Am I ever?” Cheesecake said.

That earned him a kick in the balls.


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