Brought To Light.

Sia’s hands shook as she tried to calm her breathing, her heart was pounding in her chest and she was sweating. This was a big decision, and she knew it was not going to be received well, with a pang, yet again she thought about people around the world in the Pride celebrations. It was one of the things that had influenced her decision. She was 22, an adult, a person capable of making her own decisions, then why did she need someone’s approval?

Because she loved her parents, and couldn’t see them hurt. Her mind casting back to the hundreds and thousands of memories of her parents smiling down at her, taking care of her, and the most recent of them all, hugging the life out of her when she finally got back home.

It was living in a different country for the past 4 years that had helped her come to terms with her own self. After the 6 years of agony she had finally understood at 18 that it wasn’t a bad thing. That it was perfectly normal. Love is love, you can’t choose who you fall in love with.

It was time her parents understood too. The Malhotra’s were old fashioned, but having lived away from them had made her realise that she wasn’t.

She knew her parents wouldn’t be happy with her choice of lifestyle, but she couldn’t live like this anymore, it had to be brought to light.

With a strange calmness of her made up mind, she stood up, stalked out of her room and knocked on her parents’. It was time she came out of the closet, before the dust motes in them suffocated her fully.




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