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Betty knows Best

Betty had always been driven. In a world full of slackers she has always bested everyone, but is it really winning when no one else is playing her little game?

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5 Book-to-Reel Adaptions You have to See. (Part 1)

Are you a book-lover who wants to kick back tonight and watch a movie/TV series instead but can’t decide what to watch?

I’ve got you sorted.

Here are 5 Book-to-Reel adaptations you have to watch!

1.The Godfather.

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Oh how we love the bad boys!

I don’t think there are many people who haven’t read the book, in fact I don’t think there are people who haven’t watched the movie.

The movie solely focuses on the Corleone family rather than the minor characters,but that does not mean it isn’t a great movie. The book is so detailed,well written and extensive that it got a  sequel to cover all the parts left!

This is one of the few adaptations that did justice to the book,if that wasn’t motivation enough to watch the movie(s) right away read on.

Set in the mid 1940’s this movie chronicles the drama that the Corleone family went through as Michael Corleone went on to become a ruthless mafia boss.Mario Puzo gave director,Francis Ford Coppola a fantastic story and Al Pacino gave Michael Corleone a face it was beautiful.

If you’ve read the book it’s high time you watched the movie. This is one of the rare adaptations which draws out masses of people and not only it’s target audience i.e the book fans.

2.Gone Girl


Avenging Amy and Notorious Nick!

If you love psycho-thrillers, I don’t care if you’ve never read the book,shut this article and go watch Gone Girl right now.

This movie is about a wife who is out to get her cheating,lying husband. sounds very cliche right? Something a lot of people have done before? Well it defies that,this movie will leave you gasping and gaping.Unless you’ve read the book,then it’ll just marvel you.

The Midwestern setting and slow town just helps elevate the story to new heights and just when you think you understood it all,there is a new plot twist to leave you reeling.

Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne is at his best and Rosamund Pike as Amy will not only shock you but will also make you want to side with her. Again Gillian Flynn has given Director David Fincher an extraordinary story to work with.

This movie again,does absolute justice to the book its based on and is an almost perfect adaptation of it.

3.Game of Thrones


Drama,scheming and politicking galore! (With the occasional romance track ofcourse.)

You have to be living under a rock to not know about TV’s biggest sensational drama,The Game Of Thrones. George R.R. Martin did not just write  a story,he made a new world.

This show has everything! and by everything I do literally mean everything! 

Drama,,romance,laughter,sadness,grief,despair,politics,scheming,backstabbing,f*cking,wars,fights,tournaments,castles,lords,ladies,Kings,Queen,wh*res,b*stards,princes,princesses etc etc… you name anything from the medieval times its there in the Game Of Thrones.

To top it all off,this series is so well made, that it sucks you in in the initial 10 minutes itself.

The guys are hunky and hot the girls are fabulous and fierce,the directors do an amazing job and the shots they take,take your breath away.

If you’re an adult and have not yet watched the Game of Thrones, you must.

4.The Great Gatsby.


Flamboyance,extravagant and theatrical.

The book is grandiloquent and the film is an ornate piece of art inspired by it.

Set in the early 1920’s author F. Scott Fitzgerald gave us a mind treat in the form of the The Great Gatsby and Director Baz Luhrmann gave us a visual treat in the form of its movie.

It’s a story of two ex lovers who  rekindle their long lost connection resulting a sequence of events that will leave you reeling at how it all played out.

A little wine and Leo go great together anyway, do you honestly need any other excuse to watch it?

5. The Wolf of Wall Street 


Drama on Wall Street baby!

As a person that hadn’t read The Memoir of the same name by  Jordan Belfort I didn’t know what to expect from this movie.

But let me tel you one thing,it surprised me and entertained me to no end.

As a Martin Scorsese film it was no surprise that would live up to all the expectations and Leonardo Di Caprio’s acting doesn’t hurt as well.

It’s an adaption that is in a different league from the above 4 but amazing nonetheless.I don’t think you  need any reason other than to kick back and relax to watch this movie,

if you still need some here are 5:  

  1. Leonardo Di Caprio
  2. It’s directed by Martin Scorsese, a Golden Globe winner and one of the most significant and influential directors in Hollywood for the past 53 years.
  3. Margot Robbie who wowed the audience with her performance as Harley Quinn recently in Suicide Squad.
  4. Matthew McConaughtey: He’s easy on the eyes.
  5. The plot keeps you hooked.