Adventures of Cheesecake and Cookie #3

The bass thumping through the floor worried Cheesecake. It had been two days since he last spoke to Cookie and he had hung up, raging. But after 2 days of thinking about it he had calmed down and decided it was a minor misunderstanding.

Until he reached the building.

And felt the bass thumping on every floorboard.

In a 4 floored apartment building with not more than 20 apartments, they were one of the few young couples who even threw a party, especially a party to this extent.

He wondered why the neighbours weren’t shouting.

His 5 day trip to the Capital had been productive, but tiring and he was looking forward to leaving their fight behind and snuggling up to Cookie. But Cookie had different plans.

Sure enough, the party was at their apartment and it was in full swing. Beer cans dotted the living room floor and their dining table was used to play beer pong. He looked around wildly trying to search for Cookie but only found people making out in the corner, none of them thankfully, being Cookie.

He proceeded to search everywhere, junkies raided their fridge while some sat on the floor too gone to comprehend and the closed bathroom, stunk of weed.

He finally found his friends in the balcony stuck in a game of truth and dare, but Cookie wasn’t with them either, exhausted he decided to sit down for a while.

“Where’s Cookie?” he asked anxiously.

“She disappeared a long time ago” Someone answered.

“Disappeared?” He echoed, as Alarm bells rang in his head, his mind conjuring up all sorts of scenarios.

“Yeah like inside” The same person said, shrugging, ”You wanna join?”

“Inside where exactly?” Cheesecake asked, willing himself to calm down, “No thanks.”

“The bedroom,” One of Cookie’s girlfriends answered and Cheesecake took off, not even stopping to thank the kind soul.

“Cookie?” He knocked, “Cookie open up!”

There was no answer, he looked around the long corridor connecting the living room and their bedroom, only a handful of people milled around here, no one bothering to even look at him, he was instantly annoyed, the tiredness seeping through his bones.

“COOKIE!” He shouted, but heard nothing. He resorted to banging the door and a loud cheer went through the corridor, all the 6 people milling around smiled at him. He went back to banging.

Every ‘Cookie’ was met with a cheer, like a rhythmic cycle he wanted to say it annoyed him more, but it didn’t. He went on and on and on.

To finally when a small voice shouted “Coming, hang on a second!”

He exhaled a breath he didn’t even know he was holding, excitement of seeing Cookie again, waking his tired brain up, he smiled.

“What is it?” A very annoyed Cookie, snapped, with freshly washed hair tied up in a towel and the smell of spiced vanilla in the air. Her expression morphed from annoyed to shock as soon as he eyes landed on her beloved and she threw herself at him, Cheesecake crushed her to him. The annoyance at the fight, the tiredness of the flight and the anxiousness of not seeing her all melted away as his hands wound themselves around her, crushing her tiny body to his, not willing to let go.

But they did, Cookie pulled him in and shut the door, leaning against it, she eyed him. He stared back, for a long time none of them said a word, “Why throw a party when all you’re going to do is take a hot bath and read?”

He knew her too well, she almost smiled, but then remembered the reason she pulled away. She crossed her arms, “Have you realised it was your fault?”

“It wasn’t just my fault! You overreacted.”

“You went out with you ex-girlfriend and didn’t even bother informing me.” She scoffed.

“That’s because I didn’t know it’ll be such a  big deal,” he said, exasperated, “you know I work with her!”

“You could’ve still informed me.”She pointed out.

It was true he could’ve but he didn’t, instead they had a fight about how stupid she was sounding and how crazy he was being. He looked away.

“You’re an asshole,” a very angry kitten said.

He almost smiled at her harmless, angry face, “Yes, but I’m your asshole.”


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