My Thoughts on R. Madhavan’s Harvard India Conference Speech

Harvard Dreams of a better India with Madhavan

It isn’t always easy,en-capturing so many young minds and making a serious topic seem like a spell-bounding story. But Mr. Madhavan did something just like that and made it look effortless.

Just like the shining spider on his tie,his thoughts and dreams on the future of his motherland caught everyone’s attention from the get-go.

Keeping us focused on himself as he gave us interesting little tidbits and anecdotes from his life,Mr Madhavan’s vision on India in the year 2030 was just as well-thought and passionate.

His vision of India does not just evolve around the cities we know and love,but also all the villages that go unnoticed. Mr Madhavan dreams of an India where the rural population does not need to worry about their bare necessities,but can actually kick back and have a cultural connect.

I wish we could say his dream is not very far off,but even a dream as practical as his,needs a lot of work and vision.

It’s an interesting dream,one not a lot would have,but an important one regardless and I hope that one day it isn’t just a dream anymore.



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